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My Excruciating Journey Down the Scale – Who Am I – I Was Contented & Happy

I’m an attractive (according to my husband lol ), slim but decidedly curvy woman, in my mid-30s, around 5’ 8’’ who normally had the scales hovering at a trim 130 – 135 lbs, who always enjoyed my fairly active, relatively healthy lifestyle, which, depending on how & what I ate, kept my weight in check with relative ease. No, I’m not one of the lucky ones who could eat anything and not gain weight, quite the opposite in fact. If I transgressed for one reason or another over a weekend, I’d need to watch my food intake types and quantities over the rest of the week or my backside’s girth would increase dramatically in no time at all and cling to the extra pounds for dear life. As a family, we’ve always been a happy, health conscious lot, but never been overly concerned with living an extremely healthy lifestyle.

The Winds of Change Starts to Blow

Until six years ago when all balance went out the door faster than I could ever have imagined. We received an extremely lucrative business offer that would have us financially independent inside of five years. However, accepting the offer demanded we relocate to another country for the duration of the 4-5-year contract. We’d never visited the country in question and knew little of it. We set about getting to know as much as we could about the place, and everything looked peachy, except the weather seemed slightly less moderate than our Texas climate. After a hugely long flight necessary for our first cursory, investigative look around the new country we returned home to start arrangements for our great ocean-crossing move.

D-day arrived all too soon, and we survived another long flight unscathed, the start of the local summer marked our arrival in what was going to be our new home country for the next half a decade. We soon found our bearings and quickly settled into our new home, looking forward to getting to know the country, people, and do the touristy thing during breaks from the demanding contractual obligations.

The weather was better than expected, but feeding ourselves presented a problem. The shops and products were irreconcilable with our Texas palate, so we were experimenting, finding foodstuffs that were both palatable and healthy were impossible. As a result, our intake of sugars and carbs like the omnipresent breads, pastas and potatoes increased dramatically and unnoticeably so did my waistline.

It All Goes to Hell in a Handbasket!

Three months later we received a rude awakening, as we rose from bed one morning we found the temperatures inside the house had dropped dramatically and it was freezing outside. We took the temperature in our stride and slipped & skidded our way across the frozen roads to the office. Surprisingly to us Texans this apparently marked the start of autumn after a less than three-month long summer, to our dismay we soon found out all three seasons autumn, winter, and spring held the country in a freezing grip for more than nine months out of the year.

The intemperate weather demanded we layer-up on clothing and also wear thick, weatherproof outer garments. Over time the constant cold eventually dug its way into our state of mind, that and our taste buds’ dislike of local foodstuffs had us increasingly resorting to more comfort foods full of sugars and carbs than ever before. Nine and a half months later summer finally rolled around again, and none of my old jeans would make it past my knees. My traitorous bathroom scale confirmed the horror story, to my great dismay I’d gained 50 pounds since last the sun shone warmly.

Needless to say, I immediately reverted our diet back to our preferred foods during the summer months, which was based on reduced portions consisting of a variety of salads and cold meats. Unfortunately, both of which were either completely unavailable or prohibitively expensive imported products during the harsh local winters. I proudly managed to lose 20 pounds before winter got its claws into our supply of healthy foods which once again obliterated the availability of such luxuries.

Horror – I’d Destroyed My Body!

My heart-breaking weight gain/loss cycle continued over the course of four more years resulting in me pulling the readout on my bathroom scale to an unbelievable-for-me 249 lbs on returning to our own home in Texas five and a half years since our departure.

As a family, we were all determined to lose the tremendous amount of weight we’d gained and with the milder Texas climate quickly fell back into our much more active lifestyle. I believed that combined with our usual healthier food selections and more conservative food portions would have us back into shape in no time. The months passed, my family soon returned back to their trim, fit shape, and with our usual weekend activities, mountain biking on the nearby trails combined with sunny day days spent boating & skiing on the lake, showed much improved muscle tone, except me.

Stepping-up on Fitness

As for me, I was happy to get rid of 50 pounds over the first year, but after that no more, the rest just refused to go. Determined, I joined our local gym taking up Crossfit training, eventually as my fitness levels improved started running as well, combined with a fat loss diet my personal training advisor recommended I expected success. I was determined to stop avoiding my cheval mirror while I dressed and return to my old curvy but well-toned shape.

All my concerted efforts helped me drop another 15 pounds over the next four months before my fat loss once again just hit the brakes hard, not losing an ounce over the next two months. I was at my wit’s end, discouraged and despondent that my tough training routine, good sleep regime, strict dietary habits, and constant hydration delivered no further results. No matter how correctly, or little I ate, hard I trained, or how far I ran each day, nothing had the fat-loss effect I wanted.

Two Refusals

My body refused to lose the fat, and I refused to give up my quest to regain my health and energy. I could not spend more hours exercising and according to expert advice I had the basics correct, so I needed to add something to my routine. I’ve never needed or believed in the concept of traditional diets, but on advice from my training advisor and friends over the next three months tried various dietary supplements and weight-loss solutions. I still had 55 pounds to drop before reaching my goal weight and hopefully regain my old shape. My body fat percentage still kept reducing extremely slowly, but at the rate, I was losing I would reach my goal weight at the age of 100.

Hitting the Skids

I’ve always had a positive, bubbly personality, and was pretty tough mentally. Eventually, I became despondent and finally hit rock bottom. One day at 03:30 in the morning, my wonderfully supportive and understanding best friend who also just happened to be my husband and boyfriend since the age of ten, found me sitting on the floor in front of the fridge. I was crying for the first time in nearly two years for breaking my strict diet after bingeing on several quarts of chocolate & pistachio ice cream. We didn’t go back to bed, but instead, we started searching the internet for some sort of remedy to break my body’s stalemate. We decided to stay home that morning, cancelled all our appointments, and spent the day scanning the internet, reading hundreds of “snake oil” weight-loss wonder advertisements, by the evening we were no further to any valid solution.

Meeting Old Friends & New Hope

A couple of weeks later we ran into two couples at the mall who were old school friends of ours but had lost touch with after our life journeys took us in different directions. We were really excited to all see each other again and went for coffee to catch-up on events. The moment we first saw the other couples I wondered if Greg & Charlotte had divorced, because I didn’t know the gorgeous woman he was with and was disappointed since I loved Charlotte dearly. That was until she came storming up and hugged me, Charlotte, who’d always had a weight problem since we were kids, looked gorgeous and had lost every ounce of her pudginess.

She later told me her story, which sounded remarkably similar to mine only she’d suffered to lose the fat for a lot longer. She said the secret to her fat-loss transformation was a product called Phentermine, which was a prescription drug, but she’d found a terrific non-prescription alternative at an on-line retailer. We went our respective ways again, promising to meet-up soon again after the usual exchange of contact details and a longer chat than we initially intended.

On our way home, starting out fairly sceptical, I used my phone to start doing research into Phentermine. Arriving home, we independently did extensive research on the product, mostly receiving positive feedback on the discussion forums. According to all sources, Phentermine in comparative testing definitely delivered better fat-loss results than any comparable product, displayed few negative side-effects and quite a few positive ones.

Our Homework – Research & Reviews

Firstly, it received thousands of excellent or positive reviews in feedback from actual users for its performance as a weight-loss drug with most reporting very few side-effects. Secondly, Phentermine received a Schedule IV drug classification, a schedule given to drugs that may have a potential for abuse but stated the potential to be extremely low. It turns out Phentermine is not new to the market, originally introduced in 1959 and after a reformulation in 2012 established a name for itself as the number one weight-loss and control tablet.

Thirdly, a medical practitioner stated in an overview on the Mayo Clinic website that Phentermine is a recognised, effective form of weight-loss supplement intended for use as part of an overall weight-loss plan in treatment against obesity. It is used primarily in cases where patients fail to respond to other conventional forms of weight-loss drugs & programs. The Medical practitioner in question is Donald Hensrud, M.D. the chair for the Division of Preventive, Occupational and Aerospace Medicine who also achieved a joint appointment to the Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism, Diabetes & Nutrition at the Mayo Clinic.

Dr Hensrud is an accomplished physician specialising in weight-management and nutritional health with achievements that includes an associate professorship in preventive medicine & nutrition at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. In addition, previously directed the Mayo Clinic Executive Health Program for over ten years and prior president of the American Board of Physician Nutrition Specialists. Editor of the book Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight for Everybody as well as The New Mayo Clinic Cookbook, winner of the 2005 James Beard Foundation Award, along with numerous more published works covering further subjects and programs on nutritional weight management.

At first, I was slightly dismayed when I learned I could only legally obtain Phentermine under prescription from a physician, since at the time I had already spent a small fortune on an endless array of tests, prodding and poked like a lab rat only to receive a comprehensive spectrum of ineffective treatments from a veritable horde of physicians & nutritionists. I was heartily sick of repeating the whole procedure and had absolutely no desire to go through another exam of any kind other than by a pathologist after my death. We decided to look for alternatives and soon found several offering non-prescription variants of Phentermine, before finally settling on the supplier that received the most credible and positive consumer feedback.

Phentermine is currently the most prescribed weight-loss drug in America, but please take note this is particularly important, it is and remains illegal to purchase the original variant of Phentermine in the USA without a doctor’s prescription. If you reside within US borders, it remains illegal to under any circumstance purchase Phentermine from any source, immaterial of the geographical location of the seller whether it be an online seller or from a conventional land-based retailer.

Which Phentermine Product did I use – The Results‼

We eventually ordered PhenQ , according to our research it contains the exact same ingredients as the prescription drug, but with ingredients consisting of chemical compounds that in contrast delivered better results and milder side-effects when compared to the natural ingredients contained in the original formula, and which also made it safer.

There were a couple of principal reasons that assisted in making up our minds before we opted for this specific supplier and the products it sold. Firstly, I could purchase PhenQ legally without a physician’s prescription, a matter of particular importance to me. Secondly, only officially recognised, legally licenced laboratories developed and produced all its listed & referred products. Thirdly, this supplier only referred, or listed products, sold by licenced retailers.

Furthermore, they were selling PhenQ for substantially less compared to conventional drugstore prices and their website served as a central data mine, offering loads of additional useful information on the product, dietary advice, extensive FAQ, and a host of other fields surrounding my pesky affliction.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

As stated by the retailer/manufacturer, six days after placing my order the package containing my first 6-week supply of PhenQ arrived. I had since first placing my order studied the manufacturer’s advice & recommendations and accordingly drew up new dietary and exercise programs.

With some trepidation, I immediately started my new treatment regime and felt some side-effects, increased energy, and a decrease in appetite. I also experienced very mild nausea, but only in the very beginning of treatment. At first, I saw little in the way of results but was fully prepared to stick to the treatment, since all sources indicated users would only experience its full effects after 4 to 6 weeks.

It needs to be said, eight months prior to my going on PhenQ our long-time physician diagnosed and placed me on treatment for arthritis and diabetes, both generally considered as illnesses more readily transferred along a family tree and no-one in my family ever suffered from either.

Since returning from our overseas sojourn, due to the endless range of unsuccessful products and promises I was mildly cynical going into the treatment program, a small voice in the back of my mind recited that it was just another ruse. Fortunately, I had learnt from my mistakes over the past near two years not to drive myself nuts with daily weigh-ins and measurements. I just stuck to my newly established routine, having my husband record my weight and measurements just once a week and after eight weeks on PhenQ was very pleasantly surprised at just how positively my body had reacted. I’d lost a full dress-size and 10 pounds, more than I’d lost over the past eight months.

I was sold on the efficacy of the product, and I had in fact not made any real changes to my diet since I knew I was already on a much more effective dietary plan than required by the manufacturer’s recommendation and my exercise routine also placed me in the upper echelon of requirements for delivering maximum results.

A Slight Detour

It was, however, not the end of my struggles, possibly due to the sudden relief at my newfound success, physically and mentally I started showing the effects of long-term stress. I, for the first time in my life suddenly suffered a whole string of successive exercise related minor injuries over the course of the next three months. This obviously prevented me from continuing with my regular workout routine, and as per product warning, the drop in my fat percentage slowed dramatically.


I eventually recovered, the injuries stopped, and my bodyfat percentage once again started melting away, seven months later I had surpassed my wildest fantasy. I had dropped to 125 pounds, five pounds less than I weighed on my wedding day. Moreover, I was extremely proud to when my trainer informed me I had gained 10 pounds in lean muscle mass, meaning I must have had a lower bodyfat percentage than at my prom. I know because on a dare from my husband, fitted both my wedding dress and my prom dress and both were slightly less snug around my butt and just a tad too small around my upper body. Best of all, I was free of all medication I had received an official thumbs-up from my doctor, the diabetes and arthritis had miraculously cleared.

My Diet – or Non-Diet

To be honest, I did not need to make much of a change in my dietary habits or forced myself to become more active, I already engaged in all of that in my previously unsuccessful struggle to drop to my goal weight. I did, however, after I received my first good news of having dropped 10 pounds, change the expected, commonly dictated eating habits surrounding all weight-loss diets, counting calories weighing all food and liquid intake etc.

Going Pre-Historic

I adopted not a diet but a simple lifestyle change, I took up the paleo lifestyle or caveman diet. It recommends and encourages people to listen to the natural requirements of their bodies. Fast if you’re not hungry, stop eating meals at strictly predetermined times, eat as much organically grown raw salads and vegetables as possible, totally cut out all foods containing preservatives, totally cut out all starch derived carbs and all forms of sugarcane sweeteners. Don’t count calories, eat meat, veggies, and salads as much as you like. Drink coffee it is healthy if taken in moderation 1 – 3 cups a day, one glass of dry red wine a day comes strongly recommended since red wine full of antioxidants. It also encourages you to hydrate using water as regularly as possible, since water help with weight loss, flushes toxins from your cells, but refrain from overdoing it.

Following this lifestyle, it is natural that it will initially have you facing many uncertainties and raise new questions regarding what is and what’s not allowed. The lifestyle raised huge controversy since many of its principal’s directly against the face of accepted preaching’s and practices by nutrition experts and dietary physicians the world over. You will find a more detailed explanation on why and how it works as well as the answers to many questions regarding what foods you may, or should preferably not, eat at following sources:


People not interested or not wanting to follow the paleo lifestyle because they find it too radical or unacceptable for a variety of reasons will still find excellent advice at:

My Exercise Activities

I still exercise 6 days a week, with Sundays taken as a break to spend more time on family activities, which normally involves something fairly strenuous, since we all love water-skiing, mountain bike trails riding, and hiking.


As I previously remarked in my scribbling above, I loved the HIIT exercises as universally followed in the Crossfit routine available at your local Crossfit gym, or for starters go here for inspiration and ideas:


I started running on the days I simply didn’t have the time for a Crossfit class, trying to add to my exercise routine and also became an avid short distance runner doing daily runs of no more than 3-8 miles depending on how I felt and the time available. Incidentally, I even went nearly au-naturel over here as well by adopting a fairly recently introduced barefoot like approach to running, with plenty of information on why, and how to run at:

Those considering taking up barefoot running but would, like me, still prefer some form of foot protection will find brands such as Vibram, New Balance, and Merrell a good starting point for barefoot running shoes from or just go here:

Final thought and Good luck 🙂

Sorry I have made this page so long but I couldn’t find any way to make it shorter.

Just to make it short and sweet the Phentermine product I used is PhenQ which you can order directly from here. They Deliver to USA which is where I am from and I believe they deliver worldwide.

I have also tried and tested few other products which I have added on a table format on this website. Product in position 1 being the most effective and the rest in order of how good I found them. These are from my own research.

I hope my story, failures, advice, and successes, assist and motivate others to overcome the multitude of obstacles they will in all likelihood experience on their way to happiness, health, freedom, and a great self-image.

About Lara Johnson

Lara JohnsonMy name is Lara, I wanted to share my story with you and how Phentermine has helped transformed my life in a positive way. If you want to find out more about my story checkout my blog post here.