Volunteers Wanted for Phentermine Trial

Volunteers Wanted for Phentermine Trial

If you know anyone who is suffering from any type of binge eating disorder including Bulimia or you are suffering from such a condition yourself, and you live near to the Stanford University School of Medicine then you may be interested in taking part in a new drugs trail.

15-workout-pill.w529.h352.2xCurrently they have a team of researchers who are looking for adults to take part in a drugs trail which will involve people being given a combination of two drugs, Topiramate and low dose Phentermine both of which it should be pointed out have been recently given approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of obesity.

The aim of this drug trail is to see if the combination of those two drugs are going to lessen the symptoms of both of those two eating disorders, and as such it may be a trial you or someone you may know who is suffering from either of those to conditions may be interested in taking part in.

It is a well know fact that binge eating in particular does have some very noticeable and long term physical, psychological and social costs and as such this research is successful may be a way of during those effects and costs.

They are looking to recruit for this trail up to 60 men and women between the ages of 18 and 60 who should ideally have a body mass index of at the very least 21.0.

The trail will be running for a 6 month period and anyone taking part in it will be required to attend Stanford University School of Medicine as and when requested for a check-up, after the trail has ended a further 2 month period will see any one taking part in it being given follow up checkups but during that two month period they will not be using the drug cocktail.

The long term aim of this test is to determine whenever Topiramate which has already proven to be effective for the two eating disorders mentioned early when taken with a low dosage of Phentermine will also help to combat some of the other symptoms of those conditions including fatigue and cognitive dysfunction.

Anyone who does take part will receive up to $100 for completing the study assessments and you can get more information regarding this trail by telephoning  (650) 723-2242 or by you emailing htoyama@stanford.edu.

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